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At TruVision Health, we believe in making it easy for you to lose weight and gain increased health, no matter what your budget may be. You can purchase our products from the way you want to, and customize your order to include just the products you want. You may choose to start with a sample pack or control kit. But once you’ve discovered TruVision Health products are the avenue to a whole new you, there are three ways at to continue buying the TruVision Health weight loss and health products. 

1. Retail pricing is available to anyone who wants to purchase our products.
2. We also offer Preferred Customer SmartShip pricing, with a 10 percent discount. SmartShip can be cancelled at any time.
3. Our Associates always received wholesale pricing, which includes a healthy 20 percent discount. Becoming an associate is a 1 time $35 charge.

30 Day Truvision Combo  - Retail

Gottru Retail
30 Day Combo

(Rated 4.5)


  • 1 - truCONTROL™ 60 ct.
  • 1 - truFIX™ 60 ct.
  • Retail

30 Day Truvision Combo  - Preferred

Gottru Preferred
30 Day Combo

(Rated 4.7)


  • 1 - truCONTROL™ 60 ct.
  • 1 - truFIX™ 60 ct.
  • 10% Off Retail
  • Monthly Autoship (Cancel or Modify Anytime)

30 Day Truvision Combo  - Wholesale

Gottru Wholesale
30 Day Combo

(Rated 4.5)


  • MSRP $329
  • 1 - truCONTROL™ 60 ct.
  • 2 - truFIX™ Drink 30 ct.
  • 2 - reNU™ boxes 30 ct.
  • 5 - 7 Day Trial Packs
  • 20% Off Retail
  • Free Wholesale Enrollment ($35 value)
  • Free Shipping

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