Health, Wellness and TruVision Continued

Health, Wellness and TruVision Continued

We at TruVision hope you had a fantastic Christmas with your families and friends. And hopefully, if you are taking the TruVision products like TruFix and TruControl, you don’t even worry about packing on the holiday pounds!

The TruVision products make it so easy to enjoy your lifestyle with little worry about the scale. Although, if you ask me, the scale should be your LAST indicator of how well you’re doing on your journey. You should see and feel a difference in your clothes, in your energy, and in your outlook on life, first and foremost. We often jump to the scale as reassurance that our progress is in fact, progress. But truthfully, that number is only the tiniest of indicators about your body. It is our hope over the course of this journey with this blog, that health and wellness become all-encompassing and that the scale becomes an afterthought.

Today we are going to talk about a lot of people’s least favorite thing: GROCERY SHOPPING! I promised to cut 40 minutes off your grocery trips, and make it at least somewhat enjoyable. For me, the minute grocery shopping took less time, the better I felt about it. The more I understood where to move my rickety, wobbly-wheeled cart and ignore the rest, shopping became a breeze…almost habit.

The first and most important thing of ALL the things is this:

    Make a List! If you shop with your eyes or your stomach, it will be bad news bears every time. Menu-making takes time. But it too becomes easier when your healthy lifestyle is more important than the junk food you’re used to buying. Your Menu can be as simple as this:

  • Stuff for Tacos
  • Stuff for Hamburgers
  • Stuff for Salads
  • Stuff for Pot Roast

This is still an indicator of what you need, and it will keep you away from what you don’t need.


If you see “Stuff for Tacos,” you will likely know that Tomatoes, Lettuce, Cheese, Ground Beef, Salsa, Peppers, and Taco Shells should be in your cart. When you see the “Stuff For Hamburgers” line, start mentally changing that list of items to try Thin Buns or leave off the buns entirely. Try lettuce-wrap burgers. They are AMAZING! Typically, I can eat two lettuce-wrapped burgers where I would only eat one with a bun. And more protein is good! So I always forego the bun, even when I’m out at restaurants. It’s double patties and lettuce-wrapped for me every time! Thin Buns are a nice alternative to the regular buns as they are about half the thickness, fewer carbs, less gluten, and still quite filling. If you’re not quite ready to make the full jump to a gluten-free life, this is certainly a great burger-holding alternative. (We will discuss down the road why eliminating as much gluten as possible from your diet is a good thing. Despite all the claims that gluten-sensitivity is a sham, the proof for the benefits of a gluten-free lifestyle is in the gluten-free pudding…)

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