How Much Do I Eat?

How Much Do I Eat?

I LOVE talking about today’s topic as it relates to TruVision Health Weight Loss Products. The incredible combo available–TruControl and TruFix, as well as the rePLACE meal replacement shakes–are an incredible system. They work in conjunction with each other to boost metabolism, repair blood chemistry, and provide vital nutrients, protein, fiber, and pre- and probiotics.

However, these amazing TruVision products are tools in the bigger processes of weight loss and metabolic function. They are incredibly USEFUL Tools. You will find much more success with them than without them. But if you are educated about ALL the ways to achieve your weight loss and health goals, then you’ll be much happier with your progress.

It’s surprising to me when I talk to people about how much they are SUPPOSED to be eating, that they look at me as if I’ve just told them a terribly offensive and dirty joke. It’s been a very hot topic as of late, this caloric intake matter! I try to keep my cool, as I’m pretty sure in my limited knowledge of human psychology that I’ve just delivered good news!

Me: “You need to eat more! YAY! I’m giving you permission to increase your caloric intake by 1000! I’m not only suggesting it, I’m just shy of COMMANDING it if you want to achieve results and bust through this plateau you’re experiencing.”

Them: “How DARE you.”


I’m going to go over this whole metabolic process in a very simplified way. I fully understand that there are hundreds if not thousands of processes involved in metabolic function. But for the purposes of simplicity and not putting you all through medical school in 15 minutes, this is how we’ll address it:

Sally is a 35-year-old 180lb female. She is 5’8” and she walks or completes the 10K Pledge every day. According to the calculator below, which you’ll all get a chance to use, her BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate is 1591. What this means is that her body, based on her very own numbers, burns 1591 calories at a RESTING state. This is how many calories it takes to keep her body running, to make her lungs work, to keep her heart beating, to have her digestive track working and flowing, etc. It is a SURVIVAL number. It is how many calories she burns if she were to lay in bed for 24 hours and do nothing, or sit on the couch and watch TV without moving. This is a basic, bottom line number. This number does not account for moving her hand from the potato chip bag to her mouth. This is survival functioning.

Nobody wants to give basic and bottom line survival functioning.

WHICH MEANS, if you want YOUR body to function at ANY level higher than a RESTING state, you must give yourself, AT THE VERY LEAST as many calories as you burn. This is basic math and basic science and basic metabolic function.

So when Sally says to me:

Sally: “Well then, I’ll just eat 1500 calories.”

Me: “No Sally, you don’t want to just survive. You want to move, and keep doing your 10K pledge and run with your kids, and not feel tired, and make it through the day without crashing, and feel what it’s like to live without being Hangry.”

The next function of metabolic process and scientific calculations for weight loss is this: Sally, based on her BMR and her body weight and height, has a recommended daily caloric intake of 2188 calories. This means that in order to maintain her current weight, she must eat 2188 calories. At 2188 calories daily, Sally is feeling good. She is able to do her work, take care of her kids, go for her walks, AND have the energy to go dancing later with her friends. She is fueling her body enough that it can handle all of the necessary processes.

However, Sally DOES want to lose a little weight. She’s more comfortable at 160lbs. She’s taking TruControl and TruFix daily, as well as blending up a delightful rePLACE shake every morning. The combo and the shakes help to heal and repair Sally from the inside out, WHILE Sally is fueling her body with good food. TruFix and TruControl do not provide any nutrients or calories, so taking them does not contribute to her caloric intake. She must fuel her body with good calories.

The Scientific Calculation no matter your medical history, no matter your medications, no matter your genetic makeup, no matter your current height/weight/age, is very simple! Subtract 500 from the recommended caloric intake based on your BMR! Eat those good calories and hit your caloric intake every day, or as often as you can, and you MUST lose weight. In conjunction with TruVision products, eating ENOUGH food fuels your body and gives you the energy to get up and go do the things you love to do. Based on Sally’s calculator, her WEIGHT LOSS caloric intake would be 1688 calories on a daily basis. If Sally ate 1688 calories a day, every day, based on food alone, she would be losing 1lb a week. Can you imagine the SUCCESS of this calculation in conjunction with TruVision Weight Loss Products?! This is the absolute formula for long-term success.

It is vital that you EAT. It is vital that you take good supplements like TruVision Health products. It is vital that you move, that you walk, that you exercise on some level. It is vital that you live and thrive and be the best you can be. That is all. For now.

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