How TruVision Works Fast

How TruVision Works Fast

What it TruVision and How it works!

While on the truControl Comb0 it is not uncommon at all to actually to gain weight at the beginning of the TruVision Journey. As one’s body is adjusting it is possible to experience detox, it is suggested NOT to pay attention to the scales at all, scales can be very deceiving when it comes to monitoring this process! It’s hard not to weigh yourself, I still step on the scales on occasion just to see what’s going on there but do not pay much attention to what they say. The way this product works, a person can actually gain weight at any given time and still be shrinking in size.

What happened to me… I Gained a few pounds the first month and was very discouraged. By month 4 when I went to put on my wrap belt it literally fell off and I realized then that everything the formulator Dave Brown had told me was the truth!!

When your blood is getting the nutrients that it needs it will in turn fuel the organs and every other part of the body with the nutrients that it needs to function properly.

When this happens and the body is getting what it needs through the blood this allows the organs to function in a more relaxed state which takes the stress off of the rest of the body and enables it to work more efficiently.

It is proven that muscle weighs more than fat and can cause the body to actually gain weight.

The same thing is true with the TruVision Weight Loss  process, although the person is not working out they are fueling the muscles with the nutrients they need so they’re going to become heavier, it’s also fueling all of the organs in the entire body,  skin and literally everything else with these nutrients so everything in the body is going to be more plump, fuller and heavier… for lack of better words.

Throughout this process, the body is ridding itself of the bad fat slowly and the overall shape and size of the body will start to change! This can be a slow process but it will happen with consistency.


Please keep in mind when giving the body much-needed nutrients that it’s missing, it is not uncommon at all for the unhealthy stuff in the body to flare up and fight back for a little while (this is called detox) but it will in time, lose the battle.

Don’t let this scare you, not everyone experiences detox but those that do can rest assured that they have probably got something going on in their body that needs to be addressed.

In these instances, it’s very important to stick it out, probably more so than most!

If the body experiences detox it’s recommended to take something over the counter to counteract any symptoms and it will pass.

It’s important to be patient and give the body the time it needs to balance out. I myself am for two years now and my body is still continuing to change in shape and size and I feel better than I have in a VERY Long Time!!

A Little About Me…

I have been consistently on TruVision and gained back close to 10 pounds that I had lost the first year but I’m still shrinking and smaller in size than when I started.

I have not gained any of the inches back and I’m actually still losing inches. I look like I work out but I do not workout at all, I’m horrible when it comes to this!

Keep in mind along with one’s journey that the formulator stresses that this product can take one to two years to completely level out the body’s blood chemistry and get it functioning at its optimum level, It is so worth it once it gets there!

Most of the US population eat so much junk food, processed foods, and sugars, that their bodies are out of balance and their health has been health is compromised because of it!

The TruVision Combo is going to give you willpower over food and the ability to make better food choices it will become almost effortless when you’re on the truControl Combo and your body starts to balance out.

Let’s face it… We did not get into the shape that we’re in overnight and it will take some time to get back in balance, but rest assured if you stay committed and consistent within the TruControl Combo you will get there!

By simply committing and sticking with the Combo and giving the body the time that it needs to adjust and heal itself it will not disappoint, a year from now you will be much happier and healthier your body will be operating at an optimum level and it will thank you!

Stick with it and it will be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself.

Don’t Wait, get yourself Started Today!

Many Blessings,

From Your TruFamily

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