What are Side Effects Really?

What are Side Effects Really?

Today is the Super Bowl! I never watch the games, but I like the snacks and the commercials. Amiright?! Thankfully because of my TruVision Health Weight Loss products, I know the Super Bowl Sunday pounds won’t get out of control. But I digress. I know we’ve all heard the drug company commercials on TV. Today will be no different. Don’t take “DRUG NAME” if you are allergic to it or any of its ingredients. (I’ve always been baffled by that one.) May cause heart attack, stroke, or even death. (Ok, awesome, I think I’ll ingest that one. Is the DISEASE you’re taking the medicine for really worse than DEATH?!) Even the “lesser” side effects like diarrhea, vomiting, dry mouth, hair loss, renal failure, memory loss, and insanity (sort of) don’t really sound all that fun.

So why we do take products that may cause more harm than good?GotTru, try TruVision, TruVision Weight Loss, Weight Loss WIthout Side Effects

Oftentimes we don’t think there is a choice. Or we trust the doctor more than our common sense or better judgment. (Please don’t take this as permission to stop listening to your doctor or discontinue your medications. The opinions expressed here are ours and do not represent a medical diagnosis or recommendation.) The truth is, anytime we introduce a new compound into our bodies–healthy, natural, unnatural, dangerous, or otherwise–we will experience something commonly referred to as “side-effects.” It’s a huge umbrella term used to describe what the body is doing while adjusting to new compounds.

There are thousands of processes that occur each time you eat, each time you drink, each time you smoke, each time you take a vitamin, each time you ingest a substance, healthy or not. If you ingest something you have never ingested before, the before will react to it. It is a new substance, and new processes will occur in order to process the new substance.

The first time someone smokes, they may cough instinctively as the lungs try to rid the body of the chemicals. Simultaneously, thousands of reactions occur to process the chemicals contained in the cigarettes. Some processes end up creating a chemical “addiction” or need for continued ingestion of the substances. Others processes lower the blood pressure, inducing a feeling of “calm.”

When we ingest something with a high concentration of dangerous bacteria, the body will induce vomiting or create diarrhea to rid the body of the substance. In response to an infection, (which is a “side effect” in and of itself) the body will raise its temperature to literally burn off the disease. A fever is a side effect of a foreign invader inhabiting the body. A fever can be seen as a welcome response, in which the body is working properly and fighting off the sickness. My own doctor suggested waiting 72 hours or more at the presence of a fever before taking any OTC medication to allow the body to do its job and fight the sickness, creating a stronger immune response in the process. A side effect of Tylenol is likely the inhibiting of an enzyme that triggers a fever.

It is with this understanding that we talk about TruVision products. A small percentage of the time, people just starting TruVision will complain of “side effects.” Some people complain of headaches, constipation, or positive side effects like increased energy and of course, Weight Loss! Side Effects are not necessarily negative things! They are almost always indicators that a small “battle” is being fought on new turf on a cellular level. New compounds are being introduced! These compounds, although fantastic for the body in the long run, create a chain reaction that pushes the body out of its regular state. This is the state in which it has lived for some time, and it resists change.

We often suggest that a new customer experiencing these changes, back off their TruVision Health products slightly until the reactions subside, and then work slowly back to original dosing. We don’t recommend stopping the products entirely unless a customer is instructed to do so by a doctor. By starting slowly and moving back to intended dosing, the body is allowed to make adjustments to the new and wonderful compounds. Long terms results are better health and wellness. Side effects may prove a small battle, but they are definitely not the War.

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